Maintenance & Cost
The most important aspect of a maintenance system is the cost of that system imposed by it on a company. Direct costs are the significant part that could be measured instantly to see the effectiveness of a maintenance system. However, hidden costs are as consequential as direct costs, which is the main target of a well-defined maintenance system.
Maintenance & Performance
A company's performance is defined by the output or the efficiency of its assets. Assets are categorized into Human assets, Financial assets, Intangible assets, and Information. A fully-developed maintenance system pays attention to each asset separately and as a whole simultaneously, taking into account the effect of each category on the others as well.
Maintenance & Risks
Risks are an inseparable part of our daily routines. Your company might not only surpass those risks but take advantage of them only if your maintenance system foresees most of those in advance.

Hamed Firouzi Pouyaei

CEO of pouya eng.

With more than eight years of profound experience in maintenance, we are proud to be among the top companies not only in planning and implementing an effective maintenance system but in performing it in a way that eliminates the “Try-n-Error” activities, reduces the overall maintenance costs, increases the productivity of assets, and reduces risks in reasonable levels.

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